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Introduction, All You Want To Know About iHostname

iHostname – based in Karachi, Pakistan – is a leading provider of managed web hosting, dedicated, cloud and reseller hosting services. iHostname provides customized IT solutions tailored to the specific needs of customers from a state-of-the-art data center locations. We deliver the highest level of performance with hassle-free pricing and unrivaled value coupled with exceptional customer satisfaction. iHostname delivers everything from managed shared web hosting to shared cloud web hosting, cloud VPS solutions to dedicated servers and reseller hosting solutions. Our VPS and Dedicated server solutions come as both, managed and unmanaged. Offering exceptional and superior flexibility in the managed hosting services that you select.

Dedication, Teamwork, Innovative and Reliable Services

Each of our employees is dedicated to the highest quality of performance, portraying a high level of commitment while striving to fulfill the expectations of our clients.
Our company is based upon a belief that exceptional service begins with exceptional employees. iHostname offers world-class web hosting services to its clients using synergistic teams that work hand-in-hand to complete each and every task to the highest level of performance.
Collective skill sets and knowledge possessed by the staff at iHostname are unparalleled in the industry, allowing us to provide successful implementation of your web hosting needs.
iHostname stands behind its integrity, providing small and large companies with a worthwhile solution for all their IT infrastructure needs. Our shared, cloud and reseller web hosting solutions enable our customers to grow their IT environment affordably and easily while relying on iHostname to provide innovative and reliable solutions.

Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence includes our promise to provide scalable, reliable and flexible web hosting solutions. iHostname strives to provide a system that is consistently and continually reliable and available to all its customers, effectively delivering mission critical services on a 24/7 basis.
Providing a high value in customizable products and services featuring proactively managed solutions delivered by a dedicated team of certified engineers, iHostname is the one-stop solution to a wide assortment of IT needs. iHostname offers professional behaviour and quality managed web hosting solutions for each of its clients.
Designing and implementing your IT infrastructure with your input and specifications can be accomplished in a cost-effective manner whether you are searching for customized cage options, individual server needs, or comprehensive IT solutions. Our hands-on approach ensures the reliability and consistency of the solution you select along with customizable, flexible options that are value driven with an eye toward secure business continuity and exceptional customer satisfaction.

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Support Telephone No: 021 3123-1234
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Why iHostname

Our founder and management have been associated with the web hosting business since 2010. Our experience and dedication to quality make iHostname the right choice for you. At iHostname we take your business very seriously, making sure that you get the best of technology and the most personalized service anyone can offer. We make your web hosting needs our top priority! When looking for reliable web hosting in Pakistan, you need to look no further.

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Sales Telephone No: 033 222 iHost (44678)
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Support Telephone No: 033 222 iHost (44678)
Support Email Account:

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